The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St Peter's is a charity registered with the Charity Commissioners. Our Charity Number is 1131226. The Trustees are the PCC members, who include the clergy, the lay ministers, the church wardens and elected members of the church.

The PCC meets ten time a year to discuss all aspects of church life, and to make decisions on behalf of the wider church community.

Meeting minutes and minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting  in PDF format can be downloaded here. If you require a printed copy please contact the Parish Office (0117 962 4524)

25th January 2022

23 November 2021 

14 September 2021

                      20th July 2021

                         25th May 2021

                         Annual Parochial Church Meeting Sunday 23rd May 2021

                         24th March 2021

                         26th January 2021    

                         24th November 2020  

                         24th September 2020

                         16th July 2020          

 18th June 2020

                         14th May 2020

                         30th January 2020

                         28th November 2019

                         26th September 2019

                         18th July 2019

  23rd May 2019

                         21st March 2019

           31st January 2019

  18th November 2018

  18th September 2018

  5th July 2018

  24th May 2018


For previous dates please contact the parish office

The annual report and accounts of St Peter's can be viewed at the charity commission website using our charity number.

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