At St Peter's we support charitable, relief, and educational work in the UK and abroad 


We have strong links with Christians in Northern Uganda, an area that has suffered the effects of war and rebel activity for many years. We receive regular news from our friends there; we welcome visitors, and encourage parishioners to travel to Uganda themselves.After enduring 20 years of war, peace is now a real possibility and the people of N Uganda are able to look forward to the massive task of re-building their lives. Many families are homeless and a whole generation of young people has missed out on education and skill development. They need our prayers and support. Willy Akena, chaplain to Bishop Johnson Gakumba writes an informative blog which gives a vivid description of life in N Uganda. 

Currently, Northern Uganda is reaching out to refugees from South Sudan, supporting them as the flee the civil war. Read the latest report from the Diocese of N Uganda here.

We support mission work overseas through CMS. Our CMS Mission Partner is Anne Plested. Anne lives and works in Bethlehem, teaching at the Bible College, talking about faith and sharing the love of the Lord. She also helps with English language teaching, enabling students to improve their educational and job prospects by becoming fluent in English. She says she is also drawn to people living on the margins - such as those in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – to share in their joys and struggles.
Anne has a CMS web-page, which can be viewed here.

Embrace the Middle East works in partnership with local Palestinian Christians providing health, education and community development programmes for the most disadvantaged people in the lands of the Bible – regardless of their faith or nationality.

In the UK

At St Peter’s we have ongoing connections with a range of national and local charities. 

Christian Aid works globally, aiming to tackle poverty, and striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. They provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.

The Children’s Society works to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged children in England. They run a network of programmes that includes drop-in services for runaways, children's centres and support for young carers. They work with children who are refugees from violence, and with those in care.

The Community of the Sisters of the Church, based in St Paul's, Bristol, focuses on pastoral care in the local community. At the house, this care takes the form of both practical assistance such as giving food parcels at the door, and befriending and listening to callers and volunteers. Outside the house, there is work with women involved in prostitution, pastoral visits at home, hospital or prison.

In 2019 we raised over £9,000 for outreach funding. This was distributed as below: