St. Peter’s supports fair trade and Traidcraft.

Traidcraft is a ‘fair trading company’ which aims to promote Christian principles of love and justice in its trading with developing countries, by  giving  support to their producer groups and paying them fair wages. 

Traidcraft has been fighting poverty for more than 30 years. There are producer groups and individuals in Latin America, Africa, and Asia helped by Traidcraft to become sustainable, independent businesses. A typical example is Margaret who is a Kenyan tea farmer. Thanks to training from Traidcraft , she can now grow enough tea on just three quarters of an acre to feed her family and have a surplus to sell at the market. Another example is Rozina who can sew Traidcraft bags at home for Saidpur Enterprises in Bangladesh. She has been able to install electricity in her home now.

We hold a stall in the Church Hall after the 10:00am service, as announced, but usually twice a month. We sell food items (including tea, coffee, chocolate and confectionery) and greetings cards.

Further information may be obtained via the parish office.