Join us for lent at horizon 2017

In the six weeks from the 5th of March to 9th of April we are going to attempt a new approach for Horizon. Inspired and prompted by God to try different things, we hope to serve our church and children by incorporating a catch-up, chill and eat at the start (4pm), encouraging the use of different worship and prayer patterns and a range of creative projects to follow through the weeks. We hope to fill our church with fun, friends and thoughtfulness. Our aim is to have a range of activities that encourage family engagement and a chance to reflect on the journey of Jesus towards the cross.

So, here are a few ideas we intend to experiment with over the weeks: planting bottle gardens and watching them sprout into life as we journey towards Easter, Making string gardens that can hang and shine light within, songs and activities and dramas. This hope filled journey reminds us God is in the business of transformation.

Come get transformed!

Here are some of the new songs we will be learning together: