St Peter’s currently offers a range of activities which aims to take account of people’s different preferences and personalities – catering for differences comprehensively and inclusively. Each activity will, in some way, seek to implement an aspect of St Peter’s Mission ‘Worship God. Make Friends. Change the World’ and embody St Peter’s values of praying faithfully, listening well, acting boldly and serving generously. Inspired by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity’s ‘Faith on the Frontline’ programme promoting whole-life discipleship, St Peter’s arranges its activities into one of five streams:

  1. Faith in Action
  2. Faith in Prayer
  3. Faith in Culture
  4. Faith in Community
  5. Faith Seeking Understanding

Each of these streams aims to cater for people’s different preferences e.g. social justice, contemplation, art, fellowship with fund-raising and intellectual enquiry. A board at the back of church entitled ‘Fuelling the Fires of Faith’ gives details of current activities in this programme.